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Horslyx Banana

Horslyx Banana

SKU: 5060050113070

Banana is the ultimate summer flavour, and Horslyx have launched their latest Limited Edition in time for days spent in the sunshine with your horse or pony. The pleasing aroma of banana will have you and your horse thinking you’ve been transported to sunnier climes, no matter what the British weather brings!


Providing the ultimate reward in combination with a flavour sensation, Limited Edition Banana Mini Horslyx contains the high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package found in all Horslyx products in combination with a tasty banana flavouring. Suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys, Mini Horslyx isn’t just a treat, it’s fabulous for performing stretches, distracting in stressful situations and perfect for a bit of bribery to aid standing still. 

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