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Bed-Down Lavender

Bed-Down Lavender

SKU: 5060018911090

Lavender Shavings are manufactured from top quality soft, white wood shavings, with the added benefits of lavender oil, perfect for anxious horses or those that suffer from allergies.


Why choose Lavender Shavings?

  • Lavender oil is known to soothe and calm, encouraging a restful night’s sleep, helping horses who tend to be more stressed when stabled or whilst travelling to shows and competitions
  • Not all Lavender products are the same and you can be reassured that the aroma of our shavings absolutely smells of lavender and is not a cheap imitation
  • Small soft wood shavings are highly absorbent keeping your horse’s bed dry, peaceful and irresistibly comfortable
  • Lavender Shavings undergo our EASY BREATHE™ dust extraction process protecting your horse’s respiratory health
  • Lavender oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal for healthy hooves
  • Lavender Shavings can help alleviate your horses’ allergies thanks to its ability to soothe and reduce inflammation
  • Lavender Shavings are naturally unpalatable making it suitable for horses on a restricted diet
  • They biodegrade over 4-8 months keeping your muck heap to a minimum 
  • Our packaging is made using 30% recycled plastic are 100% recyclable and reuseable
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