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Burns Free Range Chicken 395g

Burns Free Range Chicken 395g

SKU: 5060084772946

Hand cooked in Wales and made with responsibly sourced ingredients, our Free Range Chicken with Carrots & Brown Rice is the perfect convenient alternative to home cooking.

This healthy wet dog food is hypoallergenic, gluten free and made using natural ingredients and single source protein, making it suitable for adult and senior dogs of any breed, fussy eaters and even the most sensitive dogs.

Our complete wet food contains only wholesome ingredients such as free range chicken, wholegrain brown rice, carrots and vitamins and minerals (with no hidden surprises) ensuring that your dog is getting only the very best.

From time to time, you may notice slight changes in the consistency of Burns Wet Food, for example it may be more crumbly or softer on occasions. Please be assured this is simply due to the natural and seasonal variations of the raw ingredients.

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