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Burns Weight Control

Burns Weight Control

SKU: 5060084772243

It can be used as a general maintenance diet for hungry dogs or dogs that tend to gain weight easily, or as a weight loss diet for those that need to lose weight. Naturally high in fibre and made with wholegrain oats it gives a steady release of energy which can help dogs to feel fuller for longer. This diet is also suitable for diabetic dogs (please speak to our Nutritional Advisors for further information).

All Burns diets avoid the most common allergens such as beef, wheat, soya and dairy and we don’t use any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Please visit our weight loss page for further help with your dog’s weight.

Please note; we are currently in the process of changing manufacturers. The recipes have remained the same, although some of the ingredients will be from different suppliers which may result in a different final colour of the product.

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