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Chudleys Working Dog Crunch 14kg

Chudleys Working Dog Crunch 14kg

SKU: 5029164014499

Working Crunch is the ideal option for highly active dogs or gundogs needing to fuel a higher workload. The diet is formulated with increased protein inclusion for muscle recovery and strength, along with enhanced fat levels to maintain stamina when on the go. Working Crunch is packed with enhanced vitamins, amino acids, and trace nutrients which synergistically support a dog’s immunity, digestion, coat condition and general wellbeing.
- Increased fat and high-quality protein to help sustain performance
- Joint care package and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy musculoskeletal system
- Designed to help support stamina and recovery
- Contains QLC, antioxidant package
- Prebiotics to help support gut health and immune system
- Complete unique package of nutrients to support skin and coat condition

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