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Equine Products UK Mood Balancer 1Ltr

Equine Products UK Mood Balancer 1Ltr

SKU: 5060201882244

MOOD BALANCER is a complementary feed designed to be fed to mares to maintain normal behaviour and temperament, and to ensure that top performance is achieved, during the oestrus cycle.

The combination of ingredients has been carefully selected to be a nutritious blend of herbal extracts which promotes and aids the mare during season. The ingredients also act as a general supplement for the mare's hormonal system.

Product Benefits

  • Maintains performance
  • Maintains focus and behaviour during competition
  • Nutritionally supports ease of handling and mare management
  • No withdrawal period

Daily Feeding Instructions

Mix well with the normal feed ration.

Loading Feed Rate 60ml per day


Maintenance Feed Rate 30ml per day

Do not feed during pregnancy, or for 60 days prior to covering.

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