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Fancy Feed Grower Pellets

Fancy Feed Grower Pellets

SKU: 5025393003075

The Fancy Feed Grower Pellets are a specially formulated feed which is suitable for all types of growing poultry, goslings and ducklings. This complete, balanced feed provides high quality protein with amino acids which support rapid development. It also contains highly digestible wheat for energy, vitamins and minerals for growth and tissue integrity and natural prebiotics for a healthy gut.

Fancy Feed Grower Pellets are medication free and contain an organic acidifier which reduces the risk of fungal or bacterial infection from the feed itself. Can be fed from 6 - 21 weeks for birds being reared for the table.


Wheat (>40%), Wheatfeed (10-25%) HiPro Soya (10-25%), Grass Meal (0-10%), Full Fat Soya (0-10%), Soya Oil (0-10%), Dicalcium Phosphate (0-10%) Vitamins and Minerals (0-10%), Limestone (0-10%).


Protein 15.5%, Oil 4.5%, Fibre 4%, Ash 6%.

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