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Saracen Competition-Fit-Cubes

Saracen Competition-Fit-Cubes

SKU: 5029164001239

COMPETITION-FIT-CUBES use a combination of fibre and oil sources to provide slow release energy to support stamina and optimise energy metabolism. The use of these energy sources generates power for performance horses, without the high inclusion of cereals making them ideal for horses with a more excitable disposition.

Digestible fibres help to maintain hydration and normal gut function, combating against the ‘tucked’ appearance that can occur in performance horses. A small cereal inclusion helps to maintain power and presence, as well as supporting natural recovery with the replacement of glycogen post performance. The inclusion of high-quality proteins and amino acids helps to support cell, tissue and muscle repair, whilst encouraging the maintenance of topline and muscle definition.

COMPETITION-FIT-CUBES are fully fortified and contain a yeast culture to optimise digestibility and to maximise nutrient absorption. The extensive balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help to support the horse from potential free radical damage and boost the immune system. The inclusion of a mint flavouring enhances palatability making them suitable for fussy feeders and those that can ‘back off their feed’ during periods of increased work intensity.

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