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Saracen Stamm 30 Balancer

Saracen Stamm 30 Balancer

SKU: 5060267400444

Saracen Stamm 30 is a highly concentrated Stud and Performance pelleted balancer.

Stamm 30 is a highly concentrated source of essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and yeasts designed for all classes of horses that require additional nutritional support, from performance horses to breeding stock, when additional calories are not called for. As such Stamm 30 can be fed alone or as a top dressing the existing ration to provide supporting nutrients.

  • Supports muscle tone, muscle repair and topline
  • Supports normal immune function and energy release
  • Includes a blend of yeast cultures to support digestion
  • Includes dense antioxidant support
  • Supports optimum skeletal development and strength
  • Ensures provision of essential minerals to broodmares

All types of breeding stock and performance horses will benefit from the elevated inclusion of antioxidants within Stamm 30, in particular, natural vitamin E, which supports immune function, colostrum quality and can help to support optimal muscle function.

It is manufactured in an 'easy to use' pellet for increased digestibility and uniform dispersion when mixed with other feeds and can easily be used in conjunction with any type of feeding program or management situation to maintain nutrient consistency. Stamm 30 is incorporated as an ingredient into Level-Grow™ Mix, Level-Grow™ Pencils, Mare-Care, Stud Prep 14 and Stallion Plan for nutrient continuity within the Saracen Stud range. It can be used to 'top-dress' these rations when feeding intakes are low (less than 3.6 kg /8 lbs per day).

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