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SKU: 5060018890012

A highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp feed, with no added molasses, Speedi-Beet is 95% sugar free.

Made using only best quality British Beet Pulp, Speedi-Beet is subjected to our patented cooking process to produce a unique feed which is unlike any other HorseBeet.


Key Benefits...


  • Highly palatable and digestible feed
  • Made with best quality British Beet Pulp
  • Soaks in ten minutes
  • Unique cooking process for improved nutrient availability
  • Non-heating slow-release energy
  • Zero starch and only 5% sugar
  • Suitable for equines prone to gastric ulcers as part of a balanced diet
  • Ideal for horses and ponies prone to laminitis
  • High water content to aid rehydration
  • Prebiotic effect due to the beet fibre
  • Non-GM, no additives, or preservatives
  •  Ideal for horses with poor teeth
  • A versatile feed for all horses and ponies
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